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Employee Spotlight: Chris Mathis

Chris Mathis has been an Air Traffic Controller at Kissimmee Gateway Airport since 2007 and recently took over as Manager in 2022. He is responsible for ensuring that air traffic runs smoothly and efficiently, all while adhering to strict federal regulations. With a team of eight under his guidance, Mathis manages air traffic control, ensuring that planes land and take off safely. On a typical day, Mathis oversees his team, making sure they are following procedures and meeting their responsibilities. In addition to administrative tasks such as record keeping and documentation, he ensures that safety protocols are followed by his team, especially during emergencies.

Mathis joined the military after finishing high school and served for several years. It was while serving in the Marines that he first became interested in aviation and air traffic control. He worked as a controller in the Martin State Airport in Maryland after leaving the military, before moving on to Naples Municipal Airport in Florida, then eventually landing in Kissimmee Gateway Airport. When asked what inspired him to become an air traffic manager, Mathis revealed that he followed his recruiter’s recommendation, who believed he would do well in aviation and ended up pursuing traffic control. He relishes the job and believes that his team's job is vital as they safely keep aircraft separated. Being an air traffic manager at Kissimmee Airport can be a high-pressure job, but it’s one that Mathis is uniquely equipped to handle. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to safety, Mathis manages to juggle his responsibilities, ensuring that every plane takes off and lands smoothly. Thanks to his team’s efforts, every traveler arriving and departing Kissimmee Gateway Airport can do so safely.


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