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As a business owner or developer, you're looking for the perfect combination of opportunity, convenience and location. Plant your roots at Kissimmee Gateway Airport where 100 acres of prime aviation and industrial property are ready for long-term lease in a booming aerospace corridor.


Our airport offers innovative incentive programs and other amenities for businesses interested in relocating to Kissimmee. 

Your Business at Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Your Business at Kissimmee Gateway Airport

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Development Opportunities

Find a new home for your business.

Aerospace Advancement Initiative


To encourage and promote additional growth at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport, the City of Kissimmee’s Economic Development Office announced the launch of the Aerospace Advancement Initiative (AAI). This incentives package for aerospace businesses was unveiled at Kissimmee Gateway Airport on Thursday, April 5. 2018. 

These initiatives position the Kissimmee Gateway Airport in a more competitive manner, encouraging investors to locate at or near the Airport. All the growing aviation academic tracks located at Kissimmee Gateway Airport are resulting in the airport becoming the premier aviation workforce hub in the region. These new aerospace economic development incentives, along with the growing local aviation workforce, and its strategic location within Florida, make Kissimmee Gateway Airport an incredible site for aerospace industries. 


Incentives include:

  • Building Life Safety-American Disabilities Act (ADA) Rebate

    • Provides companies with a $25,000 rebate for work to perform ADA or Life Safety upgrades to their facilities.


  • Building Permit Fee Reimbursement

    • Offers eligible companies a 25% reimbursement for the building permit fees they have paid specifically to the City of Kissimmee during project construction.


  • Chamber of Commerce Membership

    • As part of a partnership with the Osceola/Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce, the City will offer eligible companies a 1-year Chamber membership.


  • Development Review Fee Reimbursement

    • Offer eligible companies a 10% reimbursement in the fees paid to the City during the planning review process.


  • Equipment Grant

    • Offer eligible companies a grant of 25% reimbursement for costs associated with the purchasing of aerospace or operational equipment used in their office.


  • Hire Local Grant

    • Provides $5,000 for the hiring of an individual that resides within a designated low-mod census tract, within City limits, or are a participant in a City sponsored workforce training program.Up to 5 individuals may be hired utilizing this grant.


  • TV Commercial Creation

    • Offers eligible companies the opportunity to have a 30 to 60 seconds commercial created by the City’s Communications and Public Affairs Office.


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